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Suguna Pumps

Suguna pumps is a leader electric motor and pumps industry in India and has a special place as a household name across the country. We have built our expertise in this industry since 1958. We have 9 main direct distribution centers and 1500 authorized dealers and sub dealers across India. We sell our products in all the states in India and we also export to North America, Australia, Italy, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Abudhabi, (UAE) and Nigeria.

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Suguna Textile

ANISH KUMAR SPINNING MILL was started in 1993, is a fully integrated mill with its own spinning of yarn. Recently mill has gone for weaving of fabrics. We are in the business of producing high quality yarn and our spinning unit uses state of Art machinery that produces medium to high count garments. Our present production level of 100% cotton yarn is 1800 tons and of fabrics is 10,00,000 meters. Further addition of 24 looms are under process.

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Suguna Institutions

Empowering young minds for future is our goal. We have established top quality education instituitions, from kinder garden to college. We have excellent board members and highly skilled faculty to give the best education in Coimbatore.  Our educational group consists of 5 institutions with over 3000 students.

K.Venkkatesalu Matriculation Higher Secondary School
Suguna Padmalaya International Public School
Suguna Vidya Nikethan
Suguna Industrial Training Center
Suguna polytechnic college
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We are looking for partners in the manufacturing, energy and biotech industries. We would like to expand your company products into the Indian market in these industries. Our extensive network of company owned retail stores, 9 distribution companies and 1500 independent retailers provides us the network to operate and move quickly across the entire Indian sub continent.

We are looking for partnership with companies who:
  • Have a product or idea and want to tap into the Indian market
  • Want to expand their products into other countries without investing in infrastructure
  • Wants to utilize our network and global presence to gain business advantage

If you are interested in these or any other related business opportunities please email Arun Ranganathan at We will contact you within to discuss how we can proceed further.


Suguna machine works was founded in year 1992. Our fully mechanized state of the art technology and high precision foundry is a 24 hour operating facility. Our current customers are from automobile, textiles and pumps industry.The company is having a wide range of state of the art cnc machineries and quality control instruments to meet the customer requirement. We have been exporting brake drums and pipe fittings to Australia for the past two years successfully. We also have new clients for brake drums in Canada and North America.



GAJ Industrial Supply is our online site that sells motors, pumps, compressors and other industrial products. Products can be shipped to anywhere in India and bulk quantities will be shipped outside India.



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