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About Us

Suguna Industries was incorporated in 1958 and it has been in business over five decades under the stewardship of Sri.G.Ramaswamy the Founder and Chairman of the Suguna Group of Industries, producing top quality electric motors pumps and all kinds of machined parts from sand-casting, die-casting, and stamping parts in India. Our group of company provides employment for 2000 people. We have 12 manufacturing units with 15 branch location , 9 direct distribution and 1500 direct and indirect dealers. Our products are widely applied to Agriculture, light industry, food, packing, power station and also being exported to 5 different countries. Suguna charitable trust was founded in 1973 to help the low income people. Trust provides health care, technical training and education.

Sri.G.Ramaswamy started his career as a marketing person in a small organization in Chennai. Gained experience in meeting customers especially the farming community. He understood the demand for electric motors - a prime mover for machinery, pump or any moving engineering product. He started an enterprise at Coimbatore, the home-town for manufacturing Electric motors. Product that are used for generations. Honored with Rashtriya Samman Award by the Govt. of India for being the highest tax payer to the government for 3 consecutive years.

He has many visions:

  • Product that are used for generations
  • Total satisfaction to end users (customers)
  • Be an example & follower citizen for the country

Mr. V.Lakshminarayanasamy

Managing Director & Chairman

Now, the man behind the success of The SUGUNA Group. Talented, professionally qualified with rich experience in the pump industry. He is efficient decision maker and dynamic thinker with relentless enthusiast.

Mrs. Suguna Lakshminarayanasamy

Director, Suguna Group of Industries

Woman behind the success of Mr. Lakshminarayanasamy. Following the footstep of her father Sri.G.Ramaswamy, Mrs Suguna is taking care of the all the education institutions. She has worked tireless to provide education for all. She is in-charge of all the activities of the Suguna Education Trust.
Suguna PiPS is considered as one of the best school in Tamil Nadu. Serving the society and the
people are her passions.

Our Vision

Be responsive to customers needs. Develop, manufacture and supply high tech quality products and services. Training for the both personal and companies' growth. Encourage innovation and creating to stay ahead of the company. Give necessary support to dealers and suppliers as channel partners. Control pollution and environmental deterioration for improving quality of life. Meet statutory commitments of the Government and service the community and society at large.

  • To stay ahead of customer expectations of products and services.
  • To stay within customers affordable price.
  • To stay in the market.

Suguna Pumps

Suguna pumps is a world leader in specialized electric motor pumps for domestic and industrial sectors. We have built our expertise in this industry for almost 5 decades. Our product are used in agricultural, automobiles, service stations, diamond, jewelry, printing machinery, paper industries, house-water application, hospitals, flats, factories and industrial houses.

Partnership opportunities

We are currently looking for a mutually benefiting partnership in manufacturing, retail, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals area.


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