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Suguna Pumps

Suguna pumps is a leader electric motor and pumps industry in India and has a special place as a household name across the country. We have built our expertise in this industry since 1958. We have 9 main direct distribution centers and 1500 authorized dealers and sub dealers across India. We sell our products in all the states in India and we also export to Sri Lanka, Singapore, Abudabi, (UAE) and Nigeria. For detail information of our products visit Suguna pumps website

  • Stainless Steel Pumps
  • Submertle Pumps
  • Centrifugal Monobloc
  • Jet Pumps
  • Borewell Compressor
  • Agricultural Monobloc
  • Dental Lathe
  • Two Wheeler and
  • Car Washer
The widest rage of products

Suguna Pumps specializes in electric motors and water pumps, which find wide application in the domestic and industrial sectors. The vision to develop a pump for every application has today given the company the distinction of having the widest range of water pumps in India. Suguna pumps are manufactured to international specification standards for agriculture, industrial application, water distribution systems and aqua culture applications.

More than six decades of Trust

Suguna pumps and motors, today is a global leader in manufacturing pumps and motors for domestic, industrial and agriculture needs, The trusted Suguna Pumps name can be found on a full range of pump products. Suguna Pumps is a global leader in producing pumps for the industrial sector, and a major player in the water technologies market, producing the world's leading line of residential water well pumps. The Suguna Pumps' product portfolio includes submersible jet, sump, effluent, sewage and centrifugal, as well as double suction, multi-stage, slurry and process pumps.

Products are manufactured in India, with facilities in Coimbatore, and foundries in three locations. An advanced R&D facility in Coimbatore keeps Suguna Pumps on the leading edge of pump-related technology

Our range of products are exported to countries in middle east, SAARC and neighboring Asian countries.

Suguna Pumps

Suguna pumps is a world leader in specialized electric motor pumps for domestic and industrial sectors. We have built our expertise in this industry for almost 5 decades. Our product are used in agricultural, automobiles, service stations, diamond, jewelry, printing machinery, paper industries, house-water application, hospitals, flats, factories and industrial houses.


Agricultural, Domestic, Automobiles, Service Stations.

Industries Diamond, Jewellery marketing plants, Printing machinery, paper industries etc.

OEM - Factories and Industries

All oriented customers, house-water application, hospitals, flats, factories and Industrial houses


Our fully mechanized state of the art technology and high precision foundry uses graded cast iron, SG Iron, NI-Hard Castings to make the best components for automobile, textiles and pumps.



GAJ Industrial Supply is our online site that sells motors, pumps, compressors and other industrial products. Products can be shipped to anywhere in India and bulk quantities will be shipped outside India.


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